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What is Verify-ID and what do we do?

Welcome to Verify-ID a premier digital identification verification service. Thank You for your interest in our professional identification badge service, where we have taken the concept of an ID badge, and we have given it a significant purpose. We have all seen ID & security badges being worn by business professionals from every profession ranging from the Wal-Mart cashier to protection personnel on high security access points.

What we have done at Verify ID is given the power to verify the status or credentials of an employee/card holder to the general public. Any person with a Smartphone can scan the QR code on the ID card to gain access to a digital business card for this employee. Embedded in the digital business card is an interactive database of information on the respective employee. This information is custom made for each business or employee to provide the most benefit for the card holder.

These interactive links are designed specifically for display on a cellular phone, and may include direct dial information for supervisors, direct link for email comments or complaints to a specific recipient, or links to state certification pages on other websites.
Expanded pages can also display image copies of certifications, specific skill listings relative to the employee, or other pertinent information to verify the professionalism of the card holder.
Lastly magnetic stripes on the back of the card can also be used to imprint additional information or be utilized to integrate Verify-ID cards into your current card access system for a complete security access package.
All Verify ID cards are also viewable on any computer or tablet with internet access. On each Verify-ID card or ID tag there is a unique ID number, which can be input in the search window on our website at

We have taken great pride in the development of these services for our fellow business professionals to add another level to your business’ professional status. Please feel free to share this information, and ask questions about our program for reuniting lost children, and protecting our elderly in Project Safe ID.

Our Mission

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