Welcome to Safe-ID, a not-for-profit subsidiary of Verify-ID LLC. The premier digital identification verification service. Thank You for your interest in our project which was designed by the Founder/CEO Brad Schlerf, a retired police detective as a proactive project to reunite LOST children, and protect our nation’s elderly.

Any person with a Smartphone or tablet can scan the QR code on the ID card to gain access to a digital contact page, which is designed specifically for display on a cellular phone, and includes direct dial information for parents, 911, other emergency contacts, and may also include emergency medical information.

How Does Safe-ID Work?

A Safe-ID is a webpage that contains updated emergency contact information, medical conditions and social links selected by the customer. This webpage can be accessed from most modern smartphones and tablets by scanning an ID card, tag or badge containing your Safe-ID QR Code or by visiting http://www.very-id.com from any internet connected computer or device and entering the Safe-ID# in the ID search box. From this webpage mobile visitors can call emergency contacts and read emergency instructions. If your Safe-ID is scanned by a verified emergency responder then desired medical information, insurance information and prescriptions will be displayed.

Safe-ID is a Not-For-Profit organization.
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